The Georgia Department of Labor makes the initial determination as to whether you are eligible for unemployment benefits based on information provided by both you and your former employer.

 In Georgia, both former employers and former employees have the right to file an appeal if they are not satisfied with the initial determination by the Georgia Department of Labor. If you choose to appeal the initial determination you must file your appeal with the Georgia Department of Labor within 15 days of the date the determination was mailed to you. An attorney can help you draft a strong appeal statement that includes every reason why the initial determination is incorrect.

Upon receipt of your notice of appeal the Georgia Department of Labor will send you a notice of hearing in the mail. The notice will inform you of the date of the appeal hearing and whether the hearing will be conducted over the telephone or in-person.


The appeal hearing is a critical part of helping you receive your unemployment benefits. The hearing is held before an Administrative Hearing Officer whose role is to gather and analyze the facts of your case so that he or she can make a final decision as to whether you are legally entitled to unemployment benefits. At this hearing, you will be required to give testimony under oath. In addition, you will be allowed to present evidence in support of your appeal. It is important to note that many employers do not show up to the appeal hearing alone. In other words, they often use a Hearing Representative or an Attorney to assist them with the appeal hearing. As such, it is often a wise idea to ensure that you are also properly represented at the hearing. You will want to ensure that your evidence is properly presented and you have an attorney that is skilled at cross-examining your employer’s witnesses.


If you are not successful at the initial appeal hearing you are entitled to appeal the decision to the Board of Review. The Board of Review will look at the initial appeal hearing and determine whether the Hearing Officer committed any legal or factual errors. Our firm will prepare the notice of appeal along with written argument to support your reasons for appealing the initial appeal decision by the Hearing Officer.

On the contrary, if you are successful at the initial appeal hearing your employer has a right to appeal to the Board of Review as well. Our firm can help you prepare for both scenarios.


Following the Board of Review’s decision, the losing party has the option to appeal the case to a Superior Court. Our firm will guide you through the Superior Court process as well as helping to represent your best interest throughout the proceeding. 

If you are denied unemployment benefits, you may face serious financial hardships. Please contact our firm so you can have an experienced unemployment appeal attorney on your side. We serve clients throughout the state of Georgia. In addition, our firm charges a flat rate for unemployment legal representation.